Branding Strategy

Branding and Websites go together like coffee and donuts. By itself, coffee is pretty darn awesome but paired with the perfect donut you have the greatest partnership since Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.

Having a consistent brand across your logo, marketing materials and website creates a sense of dependabilityto your customers. Purchasing, whether it’s products or services, is an emotional decision rather than a practical one.

Consumers are more likely to invest in your services if it’s a business they recognise.

What does our brand strategy include?

Brand Discovery

Brand Discovery is the process of studying your business, its products/services, and the unique point of difference. We also look at its value, mission, and vision.

Target Audience

Your Target Audience is your primary group or people you will be selling to and wanting to attract. Here we create complete avatars of your ideal customer so your brand knows exactly who they are talking to.

Competitive Analysis

We research your direct Competitors and analyse their strengths and weaknesses to help you better understand opportunities and how you can offer a unique point of difference.

Brand Messaging

How your brand communicates via verbal and nonverbal means, ensuring you encompass your business’ values, is your Brand Messaging. 

Brand Voice & Tone

Your Brand Voice is the personality and emotion your brand takes on and how it communicates in its own unique and distinct way.

Instagram Strategy

We help you create an eye-catching Instagram profile and give you the tools to keep it consistent including hashtag research, social square templates, reel ideas. and 2 months of post planning.



Whether you are a seasoned business or a just starting out, we can create or refresh your logo to keep your brand fresh, on trend, and consistent with your messaging.

Photoshoot Strategy


We always recommend a professional photoshoot. A Photoshoot Strategy includes recommendations on Photographers, Venues, Clothing, and Scenes.


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