Why WordPress is your best business website solution


If you’re NOT using WordPress, READ THIS ?
One of my most asked questions is: “Why should I be switching to WordPress when Wix/Weebly/etc seems to be working for me?” ?‍♂️?‍♀️
One of the biggest reasons: you don’t own the website if you go through a platform like Wix or Weebly. They can cancel your subscription at anytime and remove your website without notice and you’d be up Shits Creek in a barbwire canoe. And yes, it has happened before. Recently, Shopify closed down a bunch of stores without notice because they can. Shopify is also withholding the stores’ sale earnings leaving many businesses thousands of dollars out of pocket. [one example] Scary AF.

Thankfully, with WordPress that website is YOURS. It is 100% yours. You can literally download your entire website and easily migrate it from hosting provider to hosting provider. If you have a trusted hosting provider, you shouldn’t ever have to migrate to another company.

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Don’t get me wrong, platforms like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace are a good starting point for those wanting to DIY and have a web prescence. Customisation-wise though, you are mostly limited to what those platforms provide out of the box. They are generally simple to use with drag and drop builders, which is why they are a go to for DIYers (plus Youtube makes dollaroos from their advertising). These platforms do have some plugins and addons, but generally they are paid and THEN add it on top of the platform’s monthly subscription fee and it starts getting costly. To be frank, you can tell when a website has been built on these platforms (and not only because it has “Powered by Weebly” down in the footer).
Believe it or not, but WordPress is actually the most preferred CMS (Content Management System) in the world with over 27 million users. With WordPress, your customisation options are pretty much only limited by your imagination. WordPress drag and drop Page Builders (like the one I use) are increasing in popularity. While these make building websites for Designers and Developers a faster process as there is generally zero to minimal coding involved, it helps their clients easily edit and add to their website! There are also literally thousands of free or dirt cheap add ons and plugins. Need a plugin to book in clients and have them pay at the time of booking and then have a place for them to leave a kickarse testimonial? No sweat, there are a bunch of great options for that.


Having a web prescence, no matter which platform you choose to build your website on is extremely important. But it’s imperitive to realise the limitations that come with platforms like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace, etc. and that you are technically renting the website you have with them. With WordPress, you own the website and only rent the space it sits on. Your designer can go nuts on WordPress making a beautiful site and the user experience is a lot better, which means you site visitor will stay on your site for longer and your more likely to close a sale.


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