What are website legals

and do you really need them for your website?

The short answer is yes. 


With the way the world is at the moment with everyone suing everyone else over something as small as a stubbed toe, it’s best to protect yourself and your business.


Your website needs the following three legal notices:

Website Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy explains how a website owner is storing, updating and using customer and website visitors’ identifying information.

If you market to the EU or intend to market to the EU, by law you are required to comply with the GDPR legislation. You will need an extra clause in your policy which covers the personal information collection and privacy of EU citizens. 

Website Disclaimer

The Website Disclaimer helps in limiting liability from information you publish on your website as well as proctecting copyright. 

Website Terms and Conditions

The Website Terms and Conditions are the rules in which your customers do business with you and the way visitors use your website. Your website’s Refunds and Returns terms and conditions are now required to be accessible on your website by Australian Consumer Law.

All three need to be easily accessible on your website – usually in the footer bar at the bottom of the page. 

I use Legal123 for my client’s website legals. It’s quick and simple with form templates that fill in your necessary details into the legal document. It even comes with a free email disclaimer to put into your signature.

* There are a couple of affiliate links above – but only because they are tried and trusted by me and we both get something rad out of it 🙂